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Clovis Municipal Schools selects RSI, Inc. again for PTP Wireless Bridges

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Clovis Municipal Schools is once again relying on Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) to assist them with multiple-radio PTP wireless bridges to increase throughput speeds to outlying school campuses.  By combining multiple 802.11n 5GHz band wireless radio units, RSI, Inc. is able to help Clovis Municipal utilize their gigabit fiber network to deliver over 100 Mbps of throughput speed to outlying campuses up to 10 miles away.  On closer links, we’re able to deliver over 300+ Mbps.  With the ever increasing costs of leasing fiber (when unable to purchase it), going wireless to provide fast connectivity is not only an economical solution, but a smart one as well.  RSI, Inc. has been involved in wireless, and PTP outdoor wireless bridges, for many years and continues to bring this expertise to the table for our clients.  If you’re tired of paying exorbitant charges for leased fiber, maybe it’s time you took another look at wireless.

For more information, please contact us at sales@responsive-services.com or visit our website @ www.responsive-services.com.  We look forward to assisting you and your organization find ways to cut your IT costs and still bring high speed connectivity to your facilities.

Sonora ISD Selects RSI, Inc. for Wireless Project and Network Support

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RSI, Inc. is pleased to announce that Sonora ISD recently had chosen us to implement the Ruckus Wireless solution for their school district as they plan to move forward with a BYOD program for their students.  Wireless was implemented throughout each campus as well as ancillary facilities to accommodate their growing need for connectivity for staff and students.  Sonora ISD also chose RSI, Inc. to assist them with special projects and support their existing technology department with maintaining the school’s network infrastructure.

If you would like to find out how RSI, Inc. can help your organization transform it’s network and/or add world class wireless access, please contact us at sales@responsive-services.com or by calling us direct at (806) 763-1586 ext. 120.  We would love to come by and show you how easy and cost-effective our solutions can be for your organization.

Responsive Services International Corp. (RSI, Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have been selected by Aspermont ISD to handle all of their low voltage and technology needs regarding their new elementary school project.  This project includes a wide variety of services offered by RSI, including data closet design and implementation, new infrastructure equipment, VoIP telephony with integrated Paging/Intercom functionality, Wireless, Fiber Optic and Structured Data Cabling, and much more.  We’re very excited about assisting Aspermont ISD on this project and look forward to helping them deliver to the community a first class new facility.

If you would like to know how RSI, Inc, can help you on your next project, please email Chris Allen at chris@responsive-services.com or call him directly at (806) 763-1586, ext. 120.

Over the past year did you know that Denial of Service (DOS) & Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks have increased by 78%, according to a recent survey conducted on October of 2013.  How can you prevent one of these from taking down your network for hours or even days in some instances and how do you protect yourself?  Well, first you need to understand what these are and how they affect your bandwidth, and then you call on someone like Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) and let us help you implement a network strategy that includes a next generation firewall, web and/or application filtering solutions, as well other means we have to eliminate this problem from affecting your organization.  Also, it appears that school districts have been hit the hardest with these types of attacks and they will continue unless you have a solution in place to prevent them from bringing your network down to its knees.  We urge all of our school district friends and clients to look into this now before you become a victim of one of these types of attacks, and hopefully not a the wrong moment (like during online student testing).  It is not advisable to wait thinking your organization is too small or not visible enough, i.e. located in a large city, to suffer from one of these attacks, as we’re finding out that they can be ordered online and it doesn’t cost a lot to pay some entity to initiate one of these.  Please call us at (800) 658-2086, etc. 120 or email us at sales@responsive-services.com if you would like more information.

Data Backup is Critical & Can be Hosted

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Did you know how critical it is for organizations to effectively and reliably backup their data, both onsite and offsite, and that this is a service you can buy without having to purchase the hardware yourself?  You can and Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) can help you.  We do offer a hosted data backup service that any organization – school district, hospital, city, small business, financial institution, and more – can afford and implement to better secure their network data in case of an attack, a system crash, or any number of other issues that could destroy and irreparably harm your organization.  We were recently called and asked to help a small organization that had a virus in their system and if we could remove it and restore their network files. Unfortunately, because of the type of virus and because they had no backup in place and the files were stored on a local drive of an employee’s PC, we could not restore many of these files though we were able to remove the virus, thus the data was lost.  This is a very costly way to discover you don’t have an adequate data backup solution and system in place.  Do not let this happen to your organization.  Please email us at RSI @ sales@responsive-services.com or call us @ (800) 658-2086, ext. 120, and find out how we can help your organization more cost effectively and securely handle your data backup needs.

Responsive Services chosen again by Wall ISD for Wireless Project

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Wall ISD has again chosen Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) to handle its district-wide wireless access project.  RSI, Inc. recently completed a wireless PTP bridge to connect the main campus to their alternative Fairview campus located approximately 6 1/2 miles away.  This new link has improved their communication speeds at the Fairview campus as well as improving communication between campuses and improving efficiencies in problem resolution since this campus is now on Wall’s network.  The new wireless network to be installed in the coming weeks will continue Wall ISD’s plan of allowing students, teachers and administrators with improved access to the network via their own mobile devices and those provided by the district with the overall goal of increased interaction and more access to online tools to improve student’s learning.  RSI, Inc. is proud to be chosen for this very important project and will be again utilizing the full range of Ruckus wireless products to deliver a seamless, ubiquitous, reliable and easy to use and manage wireless network platform.

If you’re looking for a better wireless experience for your organization, please call Chris at (800) 658-2086 ext. 120 and let’s start you on the road to a truly great wireless environment.  Please feel free to visit us at www.responsive-services.com an go to our Wireless Solutions page for more information.

Trinity Episcopal in Austin Selects RSI for Wireless Upgrade

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Responsive Services International Corp. (RSI, Inc.) is proud to announce that we have been selected by Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas to handle their wireless access upgrade project.  The school’s current system is not handling the density (number of devices) necessary for their students or staff and building interference is also causing them problems.  RSI was able to come in and effectively map out the buildings and listened to their application needs and applied the Ruckus Wireless solution utilizing two separate kinds of access points, the ZoneFlex 7372 unit as well as the ZoneFlex 7982 unit, to provide the school with the coverage it needs now and will be able to grow with in the future.

RSI, Inc. has proven to be one of the premier wireless partners in the State and has the tools and experience necessary to help clients with even the most difficult of RF environments.  If you’re a school district, hospital, small business, hotel, city/county governmental agency, or any type of organization wanting reliable, dependable, and effective wireless access for your employees, customers, guests, etc., call us today and let us help you truly go wireless.  For more information, email us sales@responsive-services.com or call Chris directly at (800) 658-2086 ext. 120.

RSI offers Hosted VoIP Solution for K-12 Education

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Did you know that Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) offers a hosted VoIP telephony solution for educational institutions, including school districts, private and parochial schools, and charter schools that can be primarily funded through the Federal E-Rate (USF) program as a Priority 1 covered expense?  The answer is an absolute Yes!  So now school districts have the option to add this type of technology in their districts at a much lower cost (actual discount is dependent on the district’s percentage of students eligible for the free and reduced lunch program under the NLSP).  The easiest way is to make sure your institution is eligible for RSI Hosted VoIP is to add “Interconnected VoIP” to your Form 470 application.  Please contact us at sales@responsive-services.com for more information.  RSI, Inc. is a certified E-Rate vendor and can assist with both Priority 1 and Priority 2 funding needs.

RSI Chosen by Wall ISD for PTP Wireless Bridge

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Responsive Services international (RSI, Inc.) has been chosen by Wall ISD to install a Point-to-Point (PTP) Wireless Bridge from its main campus to the Fairview Alternative School campus to improve connectivity speeds over their existing internet connection,  and network the campus to Wall ISD’s main network thereby improving communications and problem resolution.  This will enable Wall ISD’s IT Dept. to more efficiently handle any needs of the Fairview campus staff remotely. In addition, the improved speed of the connectivity will enhance the Fairview staff’s ability to perform their functions more efficiently.  RSI is proud to handle this project for Wall ISD and proves once again RSI’s wireless expertise and capabilities are unmatched in this area.

We recommend all school districts strongly consider the PTP wireless bridge as an effective means to connect outlying buildings, campuses, and support facilities as it is significantly less expensive than a landline or fiber connection and with the latest technology, connectivity speeds exceed 150 Mbps up to 1 mile.  Please visit us at www.responsive-services.com for more information.

RSI is Chosen by Sonora ISD for Wireless Network Upgrade

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Responsive Services International was once again selected and preferred for a K-12 wireless network integration solution, this time Sonora ISD chose RSI, Inc. to handle their wireless upgrade for the entire school district, including administration, athletic and support facilities.  After testing our product and seeing for themselves how much better the Ruckus Wireless solution is than what they had previously, Sonora ISD quickly made the decision to implement district-wide and in preparation for either a BYOD program or 1:1 initiative.  Regardless of which technology approach they take for the instructional side, the wireless solution by RSI, Inc. will have them prepared and ready to take on those challenges.  We are once again honored to take on this project for Sonora ISD and look forward to providing a truly awesome wireless experience for the district, the students, and the community.