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Clovis Municipal Schools selects RSI, Inc. again for PTP Wireless Bridges

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Clovis Municipal Schools is once again relying on Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) to assist them with multiple-radio PTP wireless bridges to increase throughput speeds to outlying school campuses.  By combining multiple 802.11n 5GHz band wireless radio units, RSI, Inc. is able to help Clovis Municipal utilize their gigabit fiber network to deliver over 100 Mbps of throughput speed to outlying campuses up to 10 miles away.  On closer links, we’re able to deliver over 300+ Mbps.  With the ever increasing costs of leasing fiber (when unable to purchase it), going wireless to provide fast connectivity is not only an economical solution, but a smart one as well.  RSI, Inc. has been involved in wireless, and PTP outdoor wireless bridges, for many years and continues to bring this expertise to the table for our clients.  If you’re tired of paying exorbitant charges for leased fiber, maybe it’s time you took another look at wireless.

For more information, please contact us at sales@responsive-services.com or visit our website @ www.responsive-services.com.  We look forward to assisting you and your organization find ways to cut your IT costs and still bring high speed connectivity to your facilities.