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Responsive Services International Corp. Now a 3CX Partner

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Responsive Services International Corp. (RSI, Inc.) is now a proud partner with 3CX, one of the global leaders in VoIP telephony solutions.  3CX is a software-based, open standard, IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications features, out of the box. As an affordable software-based solution 3CX makes installation, management and maintenance ever so easy while at the same time offering your business a number of benefits, including:

  1. Easy installation and management
  2. Cost savings on telco bills by using SIP Trunks/VoIP Providers
  3. Improved customer service with CRM integration
  4. Increased Mobility with use of Android or iOS client
  5. Integrated Video Conferencing with WebRTC
  6. Installation & deployment options with on premise, hosted or cloud

Please call us @ (806) 763-1586 or email us @ sales@responsive-services.com for more information and how we can help your organization upgrade to VoIP and save money too!

RSI Selected for VoIP Telephony Solution by Wall ISD

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Wall ISD recently selected Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) for a VoIP solution for the school district as their old legacy analog system failed.  RSI, Inc. provided both a cost effective hardware system tied in with a cloud-based routing of the district’s phone calls using their current internet bandwidth.  This allowed the district to do away with many of their phone lines coming into the district as these were no longer needed. Additional savings also will occur as they will no longer have to pay for long distance dialed calls.  Wall ISD not only recognized the savings and efficiency of this new VoIP solution, but also implemented this now due to coming cuts to their funding for these phone services from a federal program called E-Rate.  The district also purchased all new IP-based gigabit HD phones to replace their older phones and were amazed at the call quality.  The district also recognized the future savings and possibilities of integration of this system for intercom/paging and bells for the district. Management of the system is easy and the web-based interface module is intuitive and can be shared with multiple users creating a streamlined and efficient process for making changes, reporting and diagnosing issues.  RSI, Inc. is proud to have worked with Wall ISD in upgrading their phones and would love to work with all school districts in showing them not only how much better a VoIP system will perform but also the significant cost savings involved, with the system paying for itself in as little as two years.  If you would like more information, please contact RSI, Inc. at sales@responsive-services.com or by calling (800) 658-2086, ext. 120. We look forward to assisting your organization.

Responsive Services International Corp. (RSI, Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have been selected by Aspermont ISD to handle all of their low voltage and technology needs regarding their new elementary school project.  This project includes a wide variety of services offered by RSI, including data closet design and implementation, new infrastructure equipment, VoIP telephony with integrated Paging/Intercom functionality, Wireless, Fiber Optic and Structured Data Cabling, and much more.  We’re very excited about assisting Aspermont ISD on this project and look forward to helping them deliver to the community a first class new facility.

If you would like to know how RSI, Inc, can help you on your next project, please email Chris Allen at chris@responsive-services.com or call him directly at (806) 763-1586, ext. 120.

RSI Attended Texas Municipal League Annual Conference in Austin

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From Oct. 8th – 11th, Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) attended the Annual Texas Municipal League Conference & Expo at the Austin Convention Center.  We want to thank all of the great city and town staff for stopping and visiting with us and sharing their concerns and needs regarding technology. Some of the most pressing issues were – 1) How to deal with growing need for wireless access inside city buildings as well as in outdoor areas; 2) How to use wireless equipment to offset other telecommunications expenses; 3) VoIP technology for cities/towns and how to implement this type of new phone system; 4) Security of the cities records and data and how to effectively and reliably back up this data both onsite, via the cloud and offsite.  RSI is ready and capable of handling all of these issues and will be in touch with the cities/towns that attended to help them implement these solutions to improve city operations, save money, and provide more services to their citizens.  Please visit us at www.responsive-services.com to see all the ways we can help your organization, or call us @ (800) 658-2086, ext. 120.  We had a great time at the conference and in the Expo and look forward to next year in Houston.

Did you know Cisco is getting out of SMB VoIP Market?

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Many of you may not be aware but Cisco recently announced End of Life and End of Support on all of their SMB VoIP solutions, i.e. the UC540, UC560 & BE3000 product lines.  This means if you have one of these types of VoIP systems you will definitely need to begin consideration to replace it by late 2014 with support ending in first quarter of 2015.  Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) can help you replace these systems with a VoIP solution that’s not only a better product, because our solution has more features/benefits, but is also more cost effective and is from a leading company that’s not getting out of this SMB market but instead is focused on this market specifically.  Please let us know how we can help you transition into a better VoIP solution by calling us at (800) 658-2086 ext. 120 or via email at sales@responsive-services.com.  Also, keep in mind that the VoIP phones you have will more than likely transition over to a new system as these devices are most often vendor neutral, but if you would like to know for sure we can tell you that information as well.

RSI, Inc. is an experienced and reliable partner that can handle all of your communications infrastructure needs, including VoIP telephony solutions, please call on us so we can help you too!