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Responsive Services International Corp. (RSI, Inc.) is proud to announce that the following school districts have also recently selected RSI, Inc. to handle their critical data backup needs, these include – Dawson ISD, Olton ISD, Springlake-Earth ISD, and Sonora ISD.  These school districts have recognized the importance of having a solid and dependable data backup solution in place, with an offsite cloud-based replication, to protect their critical student data as well as district files and information.  But, can this be implemented affordably? The answer is a resounding Yes, it can! We have both an onsite purchased solution as well as a hosted solution to meet almost any budget needs, and with RSI’s over 30 years network experience, you won’t find a better partner for which to assist your organization with data backup or any other network equipment needs.  Call or email us today and find out how simple it really is to get the product AND service you need to move your organization’s network forward.  We can be reached at sales@responsive-services.com or by calling (800) 658-2086 ext. 120.

RSI Attending TASA/TASB Conference in Dallas

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Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) is proud to be a long-time member of the Texas Association of School Administrators and we are once again attending and exhibiting at the upcoming 2013 TASA/TASB Conference in Dallas September 26-28th.  We will be in Booth #435 and will be talking about a number of products and services beneficial to school districts, especially those needing to reign in technology costs and/or save money in this area.  We will be discussing wireless access and 1:1 and BYOD initiatives, data backup and message archiving with offsite and cloud replication, hosted VoIP telephony solutions that are eligible for E-Rate Priority 1 funding, and more as well as answering any questions attendees may have.  Please drop by, say hello, register for our prize drawings and see how we can help your district.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Did you know Cisco is getting out of SMB VoIP Market?

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Many of you may not be aware but Cisco recently announced End of Life and End of Support on all of their SMB VoIP solutions, i.e. the UC540, UC560 & BE3000 product lines.  This means if you have one of these types of VoIP systems you will definitely need to begin consideration to replace it by late 2014 with support ending in first quarter of 2015.  Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) can help you replace these systems with a VoIP solution that’s not only a better product, because our solution has more features/benefits, but is also more cost effective and is from a leading company that’s not getting out of this SMB market but instead is focused on this market specifically.  Please let us know how we can help you transition into a better VoIP solution by calling us at (800) 658-2086 ext. 120 or via email at sales@responsive-services.com.  Also, keep in mind that the VoIP phones you have will more than likely transition over to a new system as these devices are most often vendor neutral, but if you would like to know for sure we can tell you that information as well.

RSI, Inc. is an experienced and reliable partner that can handle all of your communications infrastructure needs, including VoIP telephony solutions, please call on us so we can help you too!

RSI offers Hosted VoIP Solution for K-12 Education

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Did you know that Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) offers a hosted VoIP telephony solution for educational institutions, including school districts, private and parochial schools, and charter schools that can be primarily funded through the Federal E-Rate (USF) program as a Priority 1 covered expense?  The answer is an absolute Yes!  So now school districts have the option to add this type of technology in their districts at a much lower cost (actual discount is dependent on the district’s percentage of students eligible for the free and reduced lunch program under the NLSP).  The easiest way is to make sure your institution is eligible for RSI Hosted VoIP is to add “Interconnected VoIP” to your Form 470 application.  Please contact us at sales@responsive-services.com for more information.  RSI, Inc. is a certified E-Rate vendor and can assist with both Priority 1 and Priority 2 funding needs.

Major Partnership Announced between Ruckus Wireless and NetSupport

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This past week a major partnership was announced between one of the country’s premier enterprise level wireless product providers in Ruckus Wireless and one of the leading classroom management software providers in NetSupport.

NetSupport School is the class-leading classroom management software solution, providing teachers with the ability to instruct and visually/audibly monitor, as well as interact with their students, individually, as a pre-defined group or to the whole class.  With educational budgets under increasing pressure, NetSupport School enables schools, colleges and training institutions to cost-effectively deliver a rich and effective online learning environment running over Ruckus Wi-Fi. NetSupport School helps teachers maintain student focus by monitoring application and web usage, track language lab audio activity, improve support through online help and chat requests and save time by automatically sending and collecting work files or quickly polling the class and showing instant results.

Ruckus and NetSupport: Complete Infrastructure for the Interactive Classroom

The explosion of new devices, high-speed Internet connectivity, and online educational resources is driving schools to investigate and deploy new tools and infrastructure to enhance their curriculum and accelerate student learning. Ruckus and NetSupport provide a complete, proven solution to enable teachers and students to focus on innovative new learning approaches, and streamline the process to reduce or eliminate the need for extensive IT support.

Contact us at sales@responsive-services.com to learn more. Or, click the attached .pdf on the solution.

Lubbock Economic Development Alliance chooses Responsive Services for Wireless Upgrade

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Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) is proud to have been chosen by the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) to upgrade its facilities with high speed, reliable wireless access.  With all of the presentations, visitors, meetings and shared use of its facilities, having a reliable wireless network in place was important for them.  This wireless access will also allow staff to be more productive and will allow for more interactive discussions.  RSI implemented the solution using it’s state-of-the-art planning software and utilized Ruckus wireless’ industry leading ZoneFlex access points to meet the demands LEDA had for this type of network access.  To find out more about this technology, please visit our Wireless Solutions page on our website at www.responsive-services.com.