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Over the past year did you know that Denial of Service (DOS) & Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks have increased by 78%, according to a recent survey conducted on October of 2013.  How can you prevent one of these from taking down your network for hours or even days in some instances and how do you protect yourself?  Well, first you need to understand what these are and how they affect your bandwidth, and then you call on someone like Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) and let us help you implement a network strategy that includes a next generation firewall, web and/or application filtering solutions, as well other means we have to eliminate this problem from affecting your organization.  Also, it appears that school districts have been hit the hardest with these types of attacks and they will continue unless you have a solution in place to prevent them from bringing your network down to its knees.  We urge all of our school district friends and clients to look into this now before you become a victim of one of these types of attacks, and hopefully not a the wrong moment (like during online student testing).  It is not advisable to wait thinking your organization is too small or not visible enough, i.e. located in a large city, to suffer from one of these attacks, as we’re finding out that they can be ordered online and it doesn’t cost a lot to pay some entity to initiate one of these.  Please call us at (800) 658-2086, etc. 120 or email us at sales@responsive-services.com if you would like more information.