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Construction Services

Responsive Services International Corp. provides the following services during new construction, renovations, or additions:

  • Project management is the key to any successful install. A fully insured, licensed and bondable company, RSI, Inc. employs its own technicians, and has project managers who liaison with clients to monitor and maintain installation quality. From the initial design concept to the finished installation, our experienced staff will work with both the architect and the construction firm and can help throughout the infrastructure design process. RSI, Inc. guarantees its work to industry standards. All jobs are personally inspected by our project managers before approval is given to the completed installation.
  • Turnkey, cost-effective structured cabling solutions. Structured cabling provides the backbone of a building’s infrastructure by integrating essential information technology, data, communications and security core competencies. Structured cabling is the central nervous system in your network infrastructure, providing vital data, voice and security information essential for an organization’s communications demands.  RSI, Inc. is a certified installer for a number of connectivity manufacturers for all communications cabling, as well as wireless devices. Our technicians are trained and certified to install all Category 3, Category 5, Category 5e, Category 6, voice, coax, data and fiber optic cabling solutions – including both single mode and multi-mode fiber.
  • RSI, Inc. can offer building paging and intercom systems, projection screen or “smart” board installations, cabling for IP video networks, and VoIP phone systems; wireless network installation including smart mesh technology that eliminates the need for cabling and is ideal for older and/or historic building renovations where physical cabling is not practical or too expensive; indoor and outdoor wireless access and wireless broadband.  Our wireless products package can be used to mitigate expensive cabling and fiber optic costs and extend your company’s network connections to other buildings, even all the way across town.
  • RSI, Inc. offers complete MDF (Main Distribution Facility) and IDF (Independent Distribution Facility) room build out as well as all of the necessary connection terminations, floor and/or wall mounted equipment racks, network servers and switches, routers, firewalls, and much more. Our 30 years of experience will be put to work to assist your organization, small or large, with the specific services you need to configure and establish a solid voice and data communications foundation that will allow you to focus on your business and not your network.

But, did you know that by contracting directly with RSI, Inc. for the technology components of your project, that you can save up to 30%! Yes, that’s right.  Call or email us today to find out more.